Tuesday, February 1, 2011

YBF Neutralizing Powder and Desert Sun Bronzer Review

YBF (Your Best Friend) Cosmetics

As I stated in my previous post, "YBF Luscious Lipcolor!," I received a cosmetic gift set. The set is made by a company called YBF, which stands for Your Best Friend. I absolutely LOVE this company! All of the products are top quality and look excellent.

Here are some of the products from the kit:

Pictured above and below are two compacts: one is "Safari Sunset Bronzer", and the other is "Safari Desert Sun Neutralizing Powder". Also pictured is the "Safari Glimmering Sunrise Body Powder Puff".

As you may know from my previous post, "How TO: Get a Flawless Look!! Bare Minerals!", my daily cosmetic application routine starts with a lightweight liquid foundation made by Almay, then I use Bare Minerals powder and Mineral Veil, and then I finish with my Bare Minerals bronzer.

Well, for the past month I have changed things up a bit to include these YBF cosmetics. I still use my Almay liquid and my Bare Minerals powder foundation but I replaced my Bare Minerals Veil with the YBF Neutralizing Powder. I also replaced my Bare Minerals bronzer with the YBF bronzer.

Pictured above is the brush I use to apply the Neutralizing Powder and Sunset Bronzer. This is an excellent brush made by LiLique. I would reccommend this brush to anyone! It is incredibly soft and all natural.

The neutralizing powder has definitely become a permanent part of my daily cosmetic routine. I like it better than the Bare Mineral's Mineral Veil. It does the same thing, but it actually does it better. Not only does it set the Bare Mineral foundation but it makes me look more awake, smooths out my skin, and really finishes the look. I also like the bronzer better. It works well with my winter fair skin and has a lot of reflective pieces to help brighten my face. The puff has shimmer powder in it. I like to use it around my eyes to brighten them, it also helps give a more awake look.

I may go back to the Bare Mineral's bronzer for summer but I am definitely sticking with YBF Neutralizing Powder. This product really blew me away with how well it worked and how great it looks! I know you will want to grab some for yourself! You can get it on HSN, here's the link!

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  1. Oh I love YBF too! I hardly ever see reviews for their products, glad to know another beauty blogger loves the line as much as me :)

  2. Yeah I didn't know about it until Christmas when I received it as a gift! I just love every YBF product I have tried!!