Monday, February 21, 2011

Bare Minerals! A Shade For Everyone!

As many of you already know, I am a huge fan of Bare Minerals makeup. On my last visit to the salon to pick up a new jar, I realized something else that is great about this product. Unlike many brands, Bare Minerals has a shade between "Fair" and "Medium".

Now, this may not seem like a big deal to some... BUT, for those of us who aren't quite vampires, yet fall short of the "medium" hue... during the winter months... where hibernation is the only way to avoid hypothermic weather conditions... this is FANTASTIC!

The more shades, the easier it is to find your PERFECT color. Which, results in a more natural, flawless look. Way to go Bare Minerals... Just sayin'.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nexxus Pro Mend! Miraculous Hair Repair!

I recently heard about a new product from Nexxus that is supposed to mend split ends. I figured I would be a perfect guinea pig for this product, since almost every hair on my head is split. 
(I can blame that on some failed, at home coloring attempts.... 
I pretty much committed follicular homicide.)

Here's what went down:

This is the product packaging. 
You can find this product at your local Walmart store, and it runs at about $14.

Pictured above is what the product "desires" to do. Sounds great right? I was skeptical at best, but I decided it was worth a shot anyway.

I was pretty excited to get the product. Not really expecting it to work, but still excited none the less. I mean it's supposed to bind back together 94% of my split ends while I am sleeping!

And it doesn't leave residue on bed linnens.... 
This is science at it's finest! 

Ok, enough gawking! Promises are great, but I wanted proof! 
I followed the instructions as they are stated on the bottle (pictured above). It says that you use a quarter sized amount on dry or damp hair. I decided to apply the product to my dry hair and then spritz it with water so that I could work it in more evenly. I focused mostly on the ends but I have layers so I also applied it throughout. I then went to bed and washed my hair as per usual the next morning.

So, what happened? .....A miracle! That's what flipping happened! I couldn't believe the results! I would say it repaired at least 94% of my split ends, probably more! I could only find a few pieces that were not mended. I was blown away, I didn't expect much and with my damaged hair, I would have been satisfied if it had repaired 50% of my split ends, but this was amazing!

My only regret? Not taking a "before" picture... but, the picture below will show you what it looked like one day after using Nexxus Pro Mend.

I used the product on a Thursday night and I did not see any split ends popping back up until Monday. My hair continued to return to its normal state throughout the week and by the next Thursday it was time to use it again. I used the product exactly as I had the week before and yet again, I am pretty much split end free!

So, my final report on this product..... It is a bit pricey at about $14 for a 1.9oz bottle. However, using only a quarter size amount once a week will ensure that this product lasts quite a while. I could use it twice a week to keep any split ends from showing. That is probably something that will vary depending on the individual's hair and how far they wish to stretch the product. At any rate, I highly recommend trying this. It took my hair from hopeless to fabulous over night and kept it that way for almost a week! 

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

VS Shimmering Body Lotion!!

I snagged these two lotions during the Victoria's Secret semi annual sale!

I wasn't going to post about these. I initially bought them for use this summer since the shimmer lotion looks great in the sun, BUT I'm starting to think they won't last that long! I love the scents SO much that I am cheating and using them now!


It is described as a "sensual blend of winter berries, honeysuckle, and liquid musk." 
I absolutely love it. It smells sweet because of the berries and honeysuckle, but thanks to the musk, it doesn't make you smell like food which is a pet peeve of mine. 


This one is described as, "an exotic mix of Frangipani nectar, jungle lily, and purple orchid."
This one is my favorite. I've been using it before my yoga classes so I can stay smelling fresh. I'm not quite sure what a Frangipani is but I can tell you that it smells pretty dang good! The scent really is exotic. It's slightly sweet but more of a perfume scent. It's hard to explain so I recommend heading to your local Victoria's Secret to check it out for yourself!

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Don't know what a Frangipani is either? Check it:

Monday, February 14, 2011


Who needs a date when you've got Victoria!?

Ok, so this isn't exactly a beauty product, BUT I did have to buy some to get it! No worries, you'll be hearing about those in the near future. Until then, have a beautiful Valentine's day and while you are out shopping for your special someone, don't forget to do a little shopping for yourself!


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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nail Designs! Purple With Pink Polka Dots!

This is a fun look that is sure to grab everyone's attention! I have painted my nails with this design twice and received TONS of complements so I decided to share the look with you! 

First, I started with a dark purple background....

I used this China Glaze nail lacquer. It's called "Flying Dragon Neon" and it goes on with a flat look. It also has a bit of glitter in it. I think this would be a great color to wear on its own with a nice shiny top coat.

I used two coats and it was still sheer in some places so if you are wearing this color by its self you may want to do three coats. It dries quickly so it's not a hassle.

Let the dotting begin!

I used Claire's two way nail art pen and brush in a neon pink color. The first time, I used the pen top to quickly and easily draw the dots HOWEVER, this time the pen cap was clogged and I was unable to use it. I am very disappointed about this, I have several different colors of this product and they do clog from time to time, but I am usually able to unclog it by dipping it into nail polish remover. This time I was not and I hope this does not become a trend. Luckily, I was able to come up with a solution...

I had an extra pipette from another beauty product and I was able to use this to create perfectly symmetrical dots very easily! I am glad I had to find a last minute replacement because now I can easily use any nail polish to create polka dots! :)

Don't forget a shiny topcoat!

I found this website where you can get 100 disposable pipettes for only $8.99! Here's the link!

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Eye Enhancing Smoky Mineral Shadow

Physician's Formula has a fantastic line of eyeshadow palates that are specifically designed to enhance eye colors! I have been using the palate for brown eyes and absolutely love it! I decided to purchase one for hazel eyes since that is my true eye color. I saw that they had come out with a smoky collection so I gave it a try!
Check it:

I LOVE the brush included with this palate! It is PERFECT for lining the eyes and getting into the crease! 

The packaging is great, it gives tips on how to apply the product. It's also easy to create your own image.

This is what the compact looks like outside of the packaging.

I love this! It comes with a great applicator, instructions, and beautiful hues. Not only do the colors pair well, but they are perfectly matched to make your eyes look their best! The colors go on just as they appear and aren't too sheer like a lot of other eyeshadow palates. The product is also mineral which is great for people with sensitive skin! I have been having fun mixing the colors and creating my own looks, stay tuned and I just might show you how I'm doing it! 

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

YBF Neutralizing Powder and Desert Sun Bronzer Review

YBF (Your Best Friend) Cosmetics

As I stated in my previous post, "YBF Luscious Lipcolor!," I received a cosmetic gift set. The set is made by a company called YBF, which stands for Your Best Friend. I absolutely LOVE this company! All of the products are top quality and look excellent.

Here are some of the products from the kit:

Pictured above and below are two compacts: one is "Safari Sunset Bronzer", and the other is "Safari Desert Sun Neutralizing Powder". Also pictured is the "Safari Glimmering Sunrise Body Powder Puff".

As you may know from my previous post, "How TO: Get a Flawless Look!! Bare Minerals!", my daily cosmetic application routine starts with a lightweight liquid foundation made by Almay, then I use Bare Minerals powder and Mineral Veil, and then I finish with my Bare Minerals bronzer.

Well, for the past month I have changed things up a bit to include these YBF cosmetics. I still use my Almay liquid and my Bare Minerals powder foundation but I replaced my Bare Minerals Veil with the YBF Neutralizing Powder. I also replaced my Bare Minerals bronzer with the YBF bronzer.

Pictured above is the brush I use to apply the Neutralizing Powder and Sunset Bronzer. This is an excellent brush made by LiLique. I would reccommend this brush to anyone! It is incredibly soft and all natural.

The neutralizing powder has definitely become a permanent part of my daily cosmetic routine. I like it better than the Bare Mineral's Mineral Veil. It does the same thing, but it actually does it better. Not only does it set the Bare Mineral foundation but it makes me look more awake, smooths out my skin, and really finishes the look. I also like the bronzer better. It works well with my winter fair skin and has a lot of reflective pieces to help brighten my face. The puff has shimmer powder in it. I like to use it around my eyes to brighten them, it also helps give a more awake look.

I may go back to the Bare Mineral's bronzer for summer but I am definitely sticking with YBF Neutralizing Powder. This product really blew me away with how well it worked and how great it looks! I know you will want to grab some for yourself! You can get it on HSN, here's the link!

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