Monday, March 28, 2011

Long beautiful lashes! Easy!

While shopping at my local drug store I came across these Ardell DuraLash false eye lashes. I have never been a fan of false eyelashes because they are a mess to get on and irritate me. These were only about 4$ and they seemed interesting because they are little clumps instead of a whole eye piece so I decided to give them a shot.

You can see the packaging in the pictures above and below.

On the back you can see the instructions and it states that you use LashTite adhesive to apply them.

The adhesive was about 3$ and you use very little so it will last a long time. I felt like it was a pretty good deal so having to buy the glue separate from the lashes didn't upset me.

You can see the packaging for the adhesive above and below. The adhesive also shows instructions on the back of the box. I like that, you can see what you are getting into before you buy it.

Below, you can see my eye before I applied the lashes. My eyeshadow was already on. I recommend applying the lashes before you put on makeup if you plan to wear the lashes for more than one evening. Doing it before will cause the makeup to get in the glue and will still be visible after makeup removal.

Below, you can see how many I used. That is the amount I used for BOTH eyes so they give you plenty of lashes to work with!

I applied them exactly as the instructions told me. I put a drop of glue on a piece of aluminum foil. I then used tweezers to grab a clump of lashes and applied them to my own lash a little away from my lid.

Above is one eye after applying the false lashes but before applying mascara. In the two pictures below, you can see how the whole look, with mascara.

I have used this product twice and definitely plan on getting more. They are easy to apply and the second time I used them I was able to put them on more quickly and evenly, so it really is a piece of cake. They could probably last 3 or so days but, I get irritated with them and remove them. The first time I took them off the next day. The second time I used them, I left them on for two days before removing them. They seemed to be attached very well both times I removed them, so it's safe to say they last several days. I personally don't care to keep them on that long and they are cheap enough to use and replace so if your like me you will want to grab a bottle of remover and several packages of lashes.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

YBF Perfect Prep Face Primer!

This is another great product from YBF, Your Best Friend! 

Face Primer can be an important tool for people who suffer from acne and blackheads. Often times cosmetics, oil, skin cells, and dirt get down into the pores and cause inflammation and build up. It is good to use a primer to create a barrier between your face and your cosmetics to help reduce the flare ups.

I really like YBF's Perfect Prep Face Primer because it leaves a smooth, almost powder finish and has a light, fresh scent. Also, a little bit goes a long way so you can really stretch your dollar here!

This primer helps create a smooth, flawless look. It moisturizes and does not leave skin feeling sticky or oily! 

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Creating Unique Jewelry!

Creating unique jewelry by selecting stones, settings, and pieces and assembling them into a personalized design is a great way to show off your creativity and to have something special that nobody else owns! 

I get all of mine done at a local Jewelers called "The Jewelry Vault".
I like going to a locally owned shop instead of a retail chain because it helps support the local economy, you have great service with people who remember you and get to know your personal style, and because you can really find some great pieces that aren't commercialized and bought by thousands of people.

This is a great simple piece. It is a stone that my mother brought back from over seas. We decided to go with a simple mounting so it wouldn't take away from the unique design of the stone. It is special to use things found in travels and given from loved ones but you can also find really great and unique stones at pawn shops, jewelry stores, antique stores, and you can even have the Jeweler special order things for you.

Below is my favorite piece. It was another stone that my parents brought to me from over seas. I wanted to do something really eye-grabbing so we flipped through some books until we found this spiral pendant.

We found a simple mounting for the stone and had it assembled into the curve at the bottom of the loop. It really fit well and made an awesome pendant.

This is going to make an excellent conversation piece!

You can get a better idea of the size in the picture below...

Choosing a chain can be difficult so I was very excited to find this piece below!

The size of the chain can be customized as the hook actually slides up and down the chain giving the option of wearing it long, choker style, or somewhere in between!

I also think it would look great with an open back dress as the chain would hang down in the back when worn more tightly around the neck!

Here are a few rings I had done a few years ago at the same location:

The middle stone in the ring above was brought home from overseas and given to me by my dad. The two side stones I picked out at the Jeweler's. We then selected mounts and a band!

I am excited about how well my ring matches my new pendant. The ring was also done at The Jewelry Vault. All three stones were selected in store and we found the mounts and band by flipping through books and ordering them.

I can't wait to show off my new unique jewelry!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

VS Lasting FX Eyeshadow Primer!

I was recently browsing in Victoria's Secret when I saw this product:

I have never used a primer before because I had never thought I needed it. I don't have a problem with my eyeshadow staying on through out the day, but I do hate when I buy a new eyeshadow and the color is much more sheer than it appeared in the package. I decided to buy this product to see if it would help.

It's about 8$ for a small tube but you use such a small amount that the price seemed very cheap. I can imagine this product will go a very long way! It helped make the eyeshadow color appear truer because more pigment stayed on my eyelid. Also it helped with blending and really made my eyeshadow last. Although I wasn't looking to make my eyeshadow stay on longer I was surprised to find that when I was too lazy to wash my face before bed, my eyeshadow still looked pretty fresh the next day so it would probably work really well for people whose eyeshadow doesn't last.

I definitely recommend this product. I use powder eyeshadow and I never liked to wet my brush before because using the eyeshadow moist made it move to my crease and look silly. With this product that problem has disappeared, and I have been having fun using water to darken my eye-shadows and create new looks. I no longer own cream or liquid eye-shadows because they always ended up in my crease and looked awful. I'm hesitant to buy more and try it because I have had such bad luck with them in the past, but I'd love to hear if anyone else has used this product with any cream or liquid shadows!

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You can check out a video review of this product! I applied the primer and then went about my usual eyeshadow routine. I was hoping to show the difference in pigmentation on my video but because the lighting was so bright it was hard to see! Oh well, guess you'll just have to take my word for it and try it for yourself!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Waxing At Home? Might Not Want To Use This....

Nair Roll-On Wax

First, I removed the product from the package and read the directions.

I unscrewed the roller top and removed the cap.

I screwed the roller top back on and placed it on a microwave safe plate and microwaved it according to the directions.

I then rolled it onto my leg in the direction of hair growth and placed a sheet over the wax, rubbing again in direction of hair growth.

I quickly pulled the sheet in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Up to this point I was highly pleased with the product as it was so much easier to heat and apply than other products I have used in the past, plus it didn't hurt that bad! However, after inspecting the used sheet I saw exactly why it didn't hurt! It only pulled out 3 hairs! I continued to try... and try... and try. Although, at times I was able to remove about 10 or 15 hairs it still wasn't worth it. I ended up giving up when my leg started swelling. I had removed less than half the hairs on my legs and already used most of my sheets. Sorry Nair, I'm going to stick with Sally Hansen's Spa Hair Removal Kit.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

YBF! Royal Cosmetics!

Your Best Friend
This makeup is sure to bring out everyone's inner princess!

Regal and Royal Flawless Neutralizing Powder:
I love YBF's Neutralizing Powder! As you may have read in one of my earlier posts, "YBF Neutralizing Powder and Desert Sun Bronzer Review", this neutralizing powder sets makeup, helps neutralize skin tone, and leaves a finished, oil-free look. I have replaced my Bare Minerals Mineral Veil with this product because, while I also love my Bare Mineral's Mineral Veil, I find that this product works better.

YBF has taken their Neutralizing Powder to a new level with this fabulously embellished compact! It comes in a velvety soft pouch and has a red and white gems set in a beautiful crown design.

I love taking this compact everywhere I go! I not only use it to freshen up my face but I like to pull it out when I'm applying my lip gloss! It's a real conversation starter as it grabs everybody's attention! I truly feel like a princess when using this product!

I know you'll want to grab one for yourself so here's the link!

Royalty Collectible Pewter Lipstick:

Here's another eye-grabbing product from YBF!
I love this lipstick! It's called Princess Pink! It goes on smooth and I love taking it out on the town and applying it while using my Regal and Royal compact mirror!
It has three gemstones, one on the top and two on the sides. The gemstones match the color of the lipstick and the case is also embellished with royal swirls and the ybf logo.
Not only are these great for making yourself feel like royalty but they make excellent gifts as well!
(IF you can bare to part with it!)

This one is called "Royalty Red". Another thing I love about these royal products is how heavy they are! No plastic here! These are truely collectible pieces that can be passed on to your little princess someday!
  The hue is a deep red with dimensional color that is reminiscent of a ripe pomegranate. The color can easily be lightened or darkened with different shades of lip gloss and I really had fun playing with different looks!
I would definitely recommend pairing this with a little black dress for a hot date night!

If you want to grab these for yourself (or a friend), here's the link!

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