Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Great "Go-To" look: Rockstar Pink and Strobe Light

  Show off your inner party animal, with these great Sally Hansen nail varnishes! 

Glitter is a great "go to" polish when you are short on time, but still want to have a rockin' look for a night on the town... or take your every day look and... 
kick it up a notch!


This look came from a combination of two glitzy varnishes. One that is cram packed with glitter, and one with larger, but fewer pieces.

I started with the "cram packed with glitter" polish. Give each of the nails one or two coats, just eye it and make sure the amount of glitter on each nail is the same. If you get excess, just continue to brush over it, the brush will remove any extra clear coat and leave the glitter behind.

I used Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear nail color.
The label was "Rockstar Pink" as you can see below:

Let the first application dry for a few minutes and then do a coat of glitter polish that has larger chunks spread out with more clear coat. I did this to add depth with the larger pieces, but it isn't necessary. You can just use one glitter polish and a nice top-coat if you prefer.

For the 2nd varnish, I used the same brand from Sally Hansen.
The label was "Strobe Light" as you can see below:

I love glitter polish! It is super glam and great to just throw on and run, as it dries quite fast. PLUS if you bump into something, you can just smudge it back into place!

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