Friday, February 4, 2011

Eye Enhancing Smoky Mineral Shadow

Physician's Formula has a fantastic line of eyeshadow palates that are specifically designed to enhance eye colors! I have been using the palate for brown eyes and absolutely love it! I decided to purchase one for hazel eyes since that is my true eye color. I saw that they had come out with a smoky collection so I gave it a try!
Check it:

I LOVE the brush included with this palate! It is PERFECT for lining the eyes and getting into the crease! 

The packaging is great, it gives tips on how to apply the product. It's also easy to create your own image.

This is what the compact looks like outside of the packaging.

I love this! It comes with a great applicator, instructions, and beautiful hues. Not only do the colors pair well, but they are perfectly matched to make your eyes look their best! The colors go on just as they appear and aren't too sheer like a lot of other eyeshadow palates. The product is also mineral which is great for people with sensitive skin! I have been having fun mixing the colors and creating my own looks, stay tuned and I just might show you how I'm doing it! 

I hope this post helps you find a great new eyeshadow palate to add to your beauty box! Be sure to share this with all your friends on Facebook and Twitter! Also, if you have any great looks that you have created by using this product, I want to see it! Check out my READER UPDATES page for instructions! Happy Shopping XOXO!