Wednesday, February 16, 2011

VS Shimmering Body Lotion!!

I snagged these two lotions during the Victoria's Secret semi annual sale!

I wasn't going to post about these. I initially bought them for use this summer since the shimmer lotion looks great in the sun, BUT I'm starting to think they won't last that long! I love the scents SO much that I am cheating and using them now!


It is described as a "sensual blend of winter berries, honeysuckle, and liquid musk." 
I absolutely love it. It smells sweet because of the berries and honeysuckle, but thanks to the musk, it doesn't make you smell like food which is a pet peeve of mine. 


This one is described as, "an exotic mix of Frangipani nectar, jungle lily, and purple orchid."
This one is my favorite. I've been using it before my yoga classes so I can stay smelling fresh. I'm not quite sure what a Frangipani is but I can tell you that it smells pretty dang good! The scent really is exotic. It's slightly sweet but more of a perfume scent. It's hard to explain so I recommend heading to your local Victoria's Secret to check it out for yourself!

I love love love these lotions. Hopefully I will still have some left when it's warm enough to show off some glimmering skin! If you like this post be sure to show your support by clicking the "Follow" button in the grey box on the left side of the page! Happy Shopping XOXO!

Don't know what a Frangipani is either? Check it: