Saturday, January 22, 2011

YBF Luscious Lipcolor!

 YBF - for Your Best Friend - Luscious Lipcolor

I received an AWESOME gift... A YBF cosmetics kit! I absolutely love this brand!
These are the lip products from the kit, the colors are supposed to make your lips look fuller. 

Here is the result after applying these cosmetics:

 I definitely feel like the color did exactly what it promised as my lips look much fuller!

Here's what went down...

First, I applied the lipstick:

This is a great nude color! It is slightly warmer in hue than my actual lip color which helps make my lips look fuller! The color is called "Tawny Terrain" as you can see in the image below:

Most people apply lip liner first, I apply mine second (after the lipstick) because I feel like the line is too bold when drawn on first. You can experiment and see which way works best for you! 

Next, I applied the lip liner:

I love this lip liner because it goes on very smooth and feels luxurious. It also has a sharpener built into the cap, which is great because you can throw it in your bag for touch ups and not have to worry about it getting dull. The color is called "Safari Spice" as you can see in the image below:

Last, I applied the gloss:

The gloss is located in this compact underneath the eyeshadow. I used the light pink gloss because I have fair skin and did not want my lips to appear too dark. If you have darker skin you might prefer the darker gloss. The gloss is great because it adds shine and helps blend the lip liner and the lip stick!

You can find YBF cosmetics at HSN, Here's the link!

Also, If you would like to see exactly how I applied these, you can check out the video from my youtube channel below:

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