Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Waxing At Home? Might Not Want To Use This....

Nair Roll-On Wax

First, I removed the product from the package and read the directions.

I unscrewed the roller top and removed the cap.

I screwed the roller top back on and placed it on a microwave safe plate and microwaved it according to the directions.

I then rolled it onto my leg in the direction of hair growth and placed a sheet over the wax, rubbing again in direction of hair growth.

I quickly pulled the sheet in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Up to this point I was highly pleased with the product as it was so much easier to heat and apply than other products I have used in the past, plus it didn't hurt that bad! However, after inspecting the used sheet I saw exactly why it didn't hurt! It only pulled out 3 hairs! I continued to try... and try... and try. Although, at times I was able to remove about 10 or 15 hairs it still wasn't worth it. I ended up giving up when my leg started swelling. I had removed less than half the hairs on my legs and already used most of my sheets. Sorry Nair, I'm going to stick with Sally Hansen's Spa Hair Removal Kit.

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