Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Creating Unique Jewelry!

Creating unique jewelry by selecting stones, settings, and pieces and assembling them into a personalized design is a great way to show off your creativity and to have something special that nobody else owns! 

I get all of mine done at a local Jewelers called "The Jewelry Vault".
I like going to a locally owned shop instead of a retail chain because it helps support the local economy, you have great service with people who remember you and get to know your personal style, and because you can really find some great pieces that aren't commercialized and bought by thousands of people.

This is a great simple piece. It is a stone that my mother brought back from over seas. We decided to go with a simple mounting so it wouldn't take away from the unique design of the stone. It is special to use things found in travels and given from loved ones but you can also find really great and unique stones at pawn shops, jewelry stores, antique stores, and you can even have the Jeweler special order things for you.

Below is my favorite piece. It was another stone that my parents brought to me from over seas. I wanted to do something really eye-grabbing so we flipped through some books until we found this spiral pendant.

We found a simple mounting for the stone and had it assembled into the curve at the bottom of the loop. It really fit well and made an awesome pendant.

This is going to make an excellent conversation piece!

You can get a better idea of the size in the picture below...

Choosing a chain can be difficult so I was very excited to find this piece below!

The size of the chain can be customized as the hook actually slides up and down the chain giving the option of wearing it long, choker style, or somewhere in between!

I also think it would look great with an open back dress as the chain would hang down in the back when worn more tightly around the neck!

Here are a few rings I had done a few years ago at the same location:

The middle stone in the ring above was brought home from overseas and given to me by my dad. The two side stones I picked out at the Jeweler's. We then selected mounts and a band!

I am excited about how well my ring matches my new pendant. The ring was also done at The Jewelry Vault. All three stones were selected in store and we found the mounts and band by flipping through books and ordering them.

I can't wait to show off my new unique jewelry!

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