Monday, January 10, 2011

UPDATE! Ditch the Marshmallow! J.F.

Reader: Jason Fee

After reading the post, "Fashion Find! Ditch The Marshmallow," Jason decided to get one of the featured Nitrous jackets made by Mountain Hardware. I was glad to hear that he was happy about his purchase! Check out these pics of him in his stylin' new coat and read what he had to say...

"The jacket is much lighter than you think, is very flexible, and great for outdoor activities."

"It is a really good camping jacket..."
"It is fitted so your arms and chest are covered well, without worrying about having hot air escape through the bottom like on many coats because the arms aren't long enough..."

"It is very plush feeling and the goose down keeps you very warm."

"The fabric it is made of makes it pretty water resistant and causes the wind to break on it, so you don't feel anything."

Well, Jason, you are definitely rockin' that Nitrous dude! Love the red btw! Definitely your color!

You can also find this jacket in my post, "Hiking, Climbing, Skiing... Layers Keep You Warm!"

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