Friday, April 8, 2011

Hot Guess Sunglasses - Poor Customer Service

I have been a loyal customer of Guess for a while. Especially when it comes to their accessories. I am quite petite and have a hard time finding sunglasses that fit well. I can always find sunglasses at Guess that fit and look stylish. Last week I somehow managed to break my favorite Guess sunglasses so I immediately got on the web and ordered a new pair!

My poor broken sunglasses!

I decided to go with the Daredevil sunglasses that I found on They were $85 which was about $30 more than my old ones but they came with a hard case so I figured they might last longer than my old ones, plus they looked cool and I knew they would fit great, so I went ahead and made the order. You can see the case below in a snapshot of the website as it appeared when I placed the order:

I received my sunglasses a few days later. Unfortunately the case they sent me was not the case shown on the website. In fact, the case does not fit the sunglasses at all. I called the customer service number given on my invoice expecting the issue to be resolved immediately and the right case to be sent out without a problem. I was wrong. I was asked to email photos of the case that I received to the customer service agent I was speaking to and she would fwd it to the warehouse. I took pictures of the case with the glasses inside so that it would show how they do not fit. I also sent the screen shot above so they could clearly see that the case I received was not the same. Here are the photos of the case I received and sent to the customer service rep:

After emailing her like I was told to do, I received no response. I waited a day and then called. She said she was still waiting to hear from the warehouse. That was on a Friday. Tuesday I emailed again when I still had not gotten any information. I told her I was very upset that I have not heard anything and that the issue had not been resolved. She informed me that she was still waiting to hear from the warehouse. I wait 2 more days and still hear absolutely nothing from anybody. It has now been a week since I first called and I decided to call the customer service number and ask to speak with a manager. Did I get to speak with a manager? No. The girl on the phone took my information, read that I had the wrong case and stated that she would email the warehouse. So here we go, in the same circle. I informed her that I will not be ordering from Guess again, and angrily stated how dissatisfied I am with this mess and their inability to simply send the product that I ordered and payed for. Her response was that she would email the warehouse and call me back today. I'll let you know if that actually happens. 

In conclusion, I have decided not to order from in the future. When you have loyal customers, take care of them. When you offer a product and people buy it, don't send a cheaper version that doesn't work. I expected Guess to be a nicer brand and a company that would stand behind their products and customers and I have been shown that, well, that just isn't the case.

The customer service representative that took my phone number and promised to call me back that day did not call back that day or the next. I will be calling again Monday.

I never got the chance to call Monday, it is now Tuesday and while I never heard back from them I am happy to report that I finally received my case today in the mail!

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